T-Keeper (any tee) Oblong 30mm x 26mm Laser Engraved


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The Oval 30mm x 26mm Laser Engraved T-Keeper is the perfect pick up item.

With your golf club, society or corporate message Laser Engraved on one side, this item is a great method of promoting your club, society or business.

The Oval 30mm xx 26mm is extremely light weight.

It stops the tee from flying off using air pressure on its surface.

Available in 8 colours.

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These Tkeepers will hold any tee.

The T-Keeper is a new item for the golfer.

Lightweight gizmo for keeping your tee from flying off.

Push your tee through the tee holder and place the counter weight pointing away from you.

The T-Keeper will stop or certainly reduce the chance of your tee flying off.

Works better with plastic tees.

Wooden tees still break when using the T-Keeper but even when they do break the T-Keeper grips on to the top broken part, reducing the mess left with broken tees.

A Green Keepers dream.

Troon Green Keeper1 “ The amount of time we spend picking up broken tees is ridiculous. 18 tee boxes every day.”

Troon Green Keeper2 “Most days we don’t have the time to pick up broken tees. We use the cutter to chop them up but this blunts the blades quicker than normal.”

Speeds up play. No more searching for tees.

The Laser Engraved versions are a great way of promoting your club, business, charity or society.

Every T-Keeper is hand made in Troon, Scotland.

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Keeper Colour

Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Purple, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Gold, Silver, Black